Friday, January 28, 2005

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The North-East Quadrant (Hindmarsh Square)

Geographically speaking, I've just completed one quarter of the city. I've worn out a pair of shoes and worn in a pair of thongs. Having reached something of a milestone, I feel like I should say a bit more to mark the occassion. However, the more photos I take, the less words I want to use.

Knowing I've got another three quarters to go, all I can really do is keep on keeping on. But first, a rest...

King William Street/East Terrace, Flinders Street/Wakefield Street

Roper Street

Daly Street I

Daly Street II

Pulteney Court

Gawler Place I (Flinders Street - Wakefield Street)

Gawler Place II (Flinders Street - Wakefield Street)

Gawler Street

Victoria Place

Divett Place

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tucker Street I

Tucker Street II

Tucker Street III

Dawkins Place

Worsnop Avenue I

Worsnop Avenue II

King William Street/East Terrace, Grenfell Street/Pirie Street

I've almost completed a whole quadrant. I like the idea that by the time I've finished this project, I would have walked along every single street in the city, both big and small. The journey continues...