Monday, July 25, 2005

Taking a break

I'll be taking a break from the Project for a while, possibly until the next school holidays. I feel like my creative urge to get out there and photograph the side streets and alleyways has gone a bit stale. Lately, I can't help but think I've just been repeating myself with the types of photos that I've been taking. At the moment I feel like I should be out there taking photos when I don't really want to. I think I'd rather give the whole thing up completely than feel that way about the Project.

Of course, it could just be the weather...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Old Treasury Lane

I'd really hoped to take a lot more photos this holidays but as with all of the other things I planned to do with my time off, it just hasn't happened. Laziness has certainly been the theme for the last two weeks. Maybe that's just proof of how knackered I felt by the end of last term. Just a few more days and then it's back to work. I'll try and take a few more photos before then. Promise...

Sappers Lane

Chancery Lane

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bath Lane I

I was hoping to take a lot more photos today but due to rain, most of my day was spent walking around trying to find somewhere to wait the weather out. Somewhere warm, dry and free. So rather than spend all day taking photos, I actually ended up sitting in the Grote Street public library (until it closed) and the North Terrace public library reading "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon, really.

Bath Lane II

Gunson Street

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The North-West Quadrant (Light Square)

Half-way! Now it's on to the South-East quadrant around Hurtle Square and its Forest of Dreams.

Monday, July 04, 2005

K.G. Street

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

I found a 'new' street, off the section of Pultney Street that runs from Flinders Street to Wakefield Street. When I was first taking photos in this area, K.G. Street would have appeared as a private driveway for a place of business, gated and seemingly off-limits to the general public. The only thing different about it now is the shiny new street sign that has been fastened to the down pipe of a building at it's corner.

Funny how a name can change the significance of something.

I'll leave K.G. Street posted here for a while, then I'll move it to it's rightful place between Ifould Street and Pultney Court.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Friday, July 01, 2005

Flickring the Project

I've begun the long process of uploading the Project to Flickr. The opportunity to group all of my photos into the various themes that keep popping up (doors, numbers, the yellow line, bins) is very appealing to me. I also like the randomly-selected photos that appear in my Flickr 'button' to the right - a wonderful opportunity to remind myself of an alleyway or side street that I may have forgotten. So far, I've only uploaded the first photos that I took for the Project on the 26th of September last year. Having these old photos right next to my latest efforts makes for some interesting (read: cringe-worthy) comparisons.

School holidays are almost here. My right index finger is beginning to twitch with anticipation...

Edit: I've changed my mind about uploading all of my photos to Flickr. With a limited account and dial-up internet, it's going to take way too long. So I've been a little more selective, uploading only those photos that I am happy with. That's about 150 photos. Still going to take a while to upload though...

Edit: I'll definitely be signing up to Flickr as a pro. I've already used up my monthly upload allowance...

"Those Disgusting Photos"

I've been meaning to post this for weeks but after six intensive days of parent-teacher interviews, I've become a bit of a lazy sod.

About three weeks ago, I took my students on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens to view a Jeanie Baker exhibition featuring collages from her latest book, Belonging. While we were waiting near a building on Hackney Road, one of my students pointed out a large collecting of pigeon droppings on one of the walls.

"You know those disgusting photos you take? Well, I found another one for you."

She must have been thinking of the photo of Lindes Lane that I showed the class at the start of the year...