Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sanders Place

When it's this hot, I'd rather be outside than melting away inside our brick-oven flat. I can highly recommended a splash in the new fountains in front of our museum. I walked around them today, slapping at the water with my hand and getting myself nice and wet in the process. The pavers got all wet and the meagre grip on my thongs couldn't handle it. Almost ended up on my butt. I'm sure I made the same face that people make when they are swinging on their chair and almost tip backwards. Anyway, those thongs are going in the bin. The left one blew out while I was walking home, forcing me to stand like a flamingo while waiting for traffic to clear before dancing across a very hot Magill Road.

And yes, I'm currently on some kind of sky fixation.

Harriett Street

Stephens Street

Johns Lane