Monday, February 26, 2007


The Adelaide Alleyways and Side Streets Project

by Mark B
1st of October 2004 - 1st of January 2007

Photos taken on the 1st of January, 2007

The final batch of photos, New Years Day, 2007. I walked these final streets with a swollen foot, having stepped on a bee earlier that day. That's the lot...

Holland Street

Stafford Lane

O'Halloran Lane

O'Halloran Street

O'Halloran Place

Stafford Street

Owen Street

Third Street

Second Street

First Street

Percy Court

Hurman Street

Hamilton Place

Reeves Street

Park Lane

Ling Place

Weil Street

Grace Place

Collins Street

Halls Place

Winifred Street

Red Lane

Willcock Street

Vincrace Street

Photos from the 30th of December, 2006

Here's the second of the last three batches I took to complete the project. Everything you see from Reeces Lane to Sabiston Lane was taken on this day.

I'm going to post the third and final batch right away. I've been really slack posting the last of my photos, which were taken almost two months ago.

Reeces Lane

O'Brien Street

Maxwell Street

Linnington Place

Cavan Place

Little Sturt Street

Little Gilbert Street

Logan Street I

Logan Street II