Saturday, February 19, 2005

Register Street


twinki said...

I remember the Roald Dahl book "Where the wild things are". We'll we can see that one of the wild things has escaped to Register St.

For me this simple pic creates a sort of mystery.
Who put that picture on the wall?
Why did they do it?
What message are they trying to get across?
Or do I just have an overactive imagination?

23asdf23 said...

Brilliant book but it isn't Roald Dahl, it was written & illustrated by Maurice Sendak.

Mark said...

You beat me to it, Kent. My favourite picture book, so I was thrilled to find Max stuck to this gate.

Mark said...

I wondered the same things, twinki. Is the picture of Max supposed to carry some meaning, or is it just someone enjoying themselves with a character from a favourite book? I like to think someone would do something like this just for the sake of doing it.


The dude in red is a friend of mine called Nigel Koop, who went around in 2005 stenciling his own face all around adelaide, sort of in a promotion of his brilliantly clever one-man band Home For The Def. Check him out: