Friday, March 25, 2005

Rosina Street

A few years ago, my brother told me that our cousin had said that there was a wall down a side street somewhere that had a heap of toy cars glued to it. He'd been told that the wall was in one of the Rundle Mall side streets. We spent some time searching for it but didn't have any luck.

I'd pretty much forgotten about the car wall until I walked down Rosina Street today. What I saw made my jaw drop - a huge wall covered with thousands of toy cars. From what my brother had told me, I had always imagined a dozen or so cars glued to a wall at around head height. I stood there smiling at the spectacle for around five minutes before taking some photos of it. I can't really do the wall justice in terms of the scale of the thing. I took some wider shots but they just looked like tourist snaps, so I highly recommend taking a look at it for yourself. Crazy stuff.

While I was there, a man and a woman pulled up in a car to take a look. I got talking to the man and he told me he knew the guy who sold the glue to the person who put all of the cars on the wall. He then told me that the car gluer had a $70 000 government grant to undertake the project. Don't know if his words were true or not but it made for a good story while looking up at all of those cars.

I Googled "Rosina Street" - the wall was done by Matej Andraz Vogrincic and is entitled "Carpark-Members Only". Apparently, there are 50 000 cars in total. Other photos of the wall can be viewed here but given the chance, you should really check it out for yourself.


twinki said...

Yeah, they paid him to glue cars on the wall. I worked in the TAFE building on the other side of Rosina and watched then up a scaffold for months. When the idea was initally presented, we (the "neighbours" so to speak) were lead to belive that the toy cars would create a mosaic picture, but that wasn't the way it turned out.

The government then had to pay for the damage they caused to cars parked below when the toy cars fell off the wall in hot weather the following summer.

The suicidal cars were returned to the wall by 'non-artist' council employees. I hope for much less than $70,000.

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