Sunday, September 04, 2005

Can't you feel that sun a-shinin'?

The sun did shine today and I did haul myself by way of my bicycle into town to take photos. I had a great time, too. Well, I was having a great time until my batteries went flat. Serves me right for using my spare set in my Discman. I don't have my battery charger with me at the moment, so I'll have to wait until I can get hold of it tomorrow. Expect some photos tomorrow night.

I watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 earlier today for about the fourth time. That song that Daryl Hannah whistles when she is walking down the corridors of the hospital always gets stuck inside my brain. Then I spend the rest of the day whistling it. Today, I was whistling it down an acoustically inviting alley. Some guy walked passed and I stopped, mid-tune. He pointed at me and then finished the melody. "I've seen that film, too!" he said and continued on his way. I laughed and continued to take photos.

A small black poodle in another alley wasn't so friendly. The dog looked nice enough, just standing there staring at me from around twenty metres away. He barked a few times, calling a smaller dog friend out from hiding. Then they started to chase me. I turned around a ran for the opening of the alley, knowing that I wasn't in any danger but having a good time pretending that I was. I got away safe and unbitten, just as I knew I would.

I returned to the Kill Bill alley a little later and took my harmonica out. I'd like to think that the pigeons enjoyed me huffing and puffing on few blues riffs and a couple of lines from Neil Young's Heart of Gold.

It's good to be out there again. I'm just hoping that the sun feels the same way.

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