Saturday, November 05, 2005

Nelson Place


wolis said...

Ah.. a photographer (in Adelaide) after my own heart!

Many many years ago I had an idea for a coffetable book "Streets, Passages and Alleyways" which was to be a series of photos all beautifully long perspective views of the nice neat long straight street and passages in our fine city.

Needless to say I have not started on this project - mostly becuase my pixilated digital cameras have not captured oungh detail in the distance (mind you my first digital camera Kodak DS20 has a 256k pixle CCD so its not supprising I gave up on this early!)

Feel free to view some of my pictures here

Or you will find some in the 'art gallery' in COW

Just log, go north, go gallery then look for the photographic exhibition :-)

These photos have inspired me even more! beautiful work.

Lisa said...

I'd be doubly impressed if you could come up with an urban legend per picture for the book version... and perhaps the origin of the street name if it's something more interesting than being name after this queen or that king.