Saturday, December 31, 2005

Albert Place


Deirdre said...

Should this be Albert Place II? It has the same name as another one.

And it looks really nice against Tennants Court I & II (just amusing myself here, mixin'n'matchin :) )

Deirdre said...

And I forgot to say it's interesting because at first you notice the depth in it, leading away along that gutter or whatever it is, and then it slowly becomes more 2-dimensional and a study in colours and shapes etc. Very nice.

I'll toddle off now. Thanks for a lovely morning's viewing.

Mark said...

This one's a different Albert Place. The other Albert Place seems a little unofficial to me - it was marked with a different sign, rather than one of the official council ones that all of the others have (including this Albert Place). I'll have to go check out the "unofficial" one again. I might have gotten the name wrong.

I was trying to mess with dimensions here. I like looking at a corner of the ceiling in a room and trying to imagine that I'm actually looking at the outside of building. Like looking at a drawing of the inner corner of a cube and changing your way of looking so that it becomes a view of the corner from the outside.

Thanks for directing me to the Tennants Court shots. I couldn't recall taking the first one. There's probably a whole heap of photos that I can't remember taking. I'll have to go back and have a look someday.

Deirdre said...

I'd say your dimension thing worked here, then. It really does seem to flip in and out between 2 and 3 dimensions. Maybe you're turning into Escher? With a twist of Jeannie whatsername (why can't I ever remember her name?? that collage artist) - Fowlers Lane II still looks stunning.

And a trip back through your archives was interesting: there were some shots I didn't notice the first time that now I really love, and others have faded from favour. It was a bit like that dimension flip-flop in a way, and quite strange.