Sunday, October 03, 2004

Fowlers Lane II

On the map that I've used for this project, this street is called Clubhouse Lane, running off North Terrace and joining Fowlers Lane to make an L-shape. However, there is no sign calling this street Clubhouse Lane and no other maps label it as such. More importantly, there is a Clubhouse Lane running off Hindley Street that does have a sign and is labelled in many other maps that I have since consulted. From this information, I am safely assuming that the whole L-shape is named Fowlers Lane.

Fowlers Lane was obviously named after D & J Fowler and the business that they held here.


Deirdre said...

little is right, in my opinion (re: her comment on another photo) - this is fantastic. It almost looks like a painting, or one of those collages by ... what's her name?? can't think... children's books, collages, one about a forest, one about the country becoming a town... Damn. Regardless, though - this is a great photo. Well done.

Mark said...

Jeannie Baker? Author of "Where the Forest Meets the Sea", "Window" and many other beautiful books. What a wonderful compliment.

Deirdre said...

That's the one.