Thursday, October 06, 2005

Albert Lane

It was only a matter of time...

I was seeing if an interesting network of pipes would make a good photo, when this lady pulls up in her car and asks me what I'm doing. She's got a name badge on, so I quickly decide that she must work in one of the buildings surrounding Albert Lane. I tell her I'm taking photos. Obvious, I know, but I felt like giving her a stupid answer for her stupid question. Then she asks me for which purpose I'm taking photos. So I tell her that I'm taking photos of every single alleyway and side street in the city. When I tell people that, I usually get hit with more annoying questions but this lady just said 'that's fine' and drove off.

Gee lady, thank's for permission to stand on a public street and take a photo of a gas pipe. If it wasn't for people like you, this city would be crawling with terrorists.


Liam said...

Hey Sparrow,

just checking some Adelaide Blog sites. Your one is cool, I like it.
What has inspired it?



Mark said...

Thanks, Liam. Basically, I was inspired to undertake this project by the alleyways and side streets themselves. I'd walk down them while walking in the city. Instead of taking the main streets to get somewhere, I'd take a side street. I began to think that perhaps the only purpose people had for these places was for getting from one place to another. Enjoying each alley and side street as an individual place, I felt that they could be destinations, something to see rather than something to pass through. So I decided to take a photo of each one, in an attempt to express this idea.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I think your photos are fantastic -- and the idea is even better. I'm a very new blogger and was trawling for interesting Adelaide sites to add their links when I found yours. I think this is a wonderful angle of vision for Adelaide.

wolis said...
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wolis said...

Hi there, me again.

You inspired me to upload some of my recent pics from the botanic gardens (another adelaide icon?)

or maybe without frames:

While your there check out some of the exciting images from the tram track work.. there is an absolute corker in the 'ground' section.

I shall now take my camera into the inner-city streets...

Lisa said...

Hmm I guess you're gonna get a lot more of that. And I can imagine how much fun it would be to try and explain that you write a blog which you fill up with odd and quirky pics of Adelaide's side streets.

So... when will your exhibition be? :)