Monday, December 04, 2006

New Photos, New Camera

This latest lot was taken on Saturday, 2nd of December, with my brand spankin' new Canon Powershot S3IS. Much better than the Powershot A85 I was previously using, which I'm no longer going to need to borrow from work all of the time.

The odds of finishing the Project are looking pretty good. I was going to take some more photos after work today but ended up helping the owner of a health food shop write a letter to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs to pledge sponsorship for his wife to come to Australia from India. I hope he's successful.

I'll see how I go taking some photos tomorrow. I should also start tagging some of my photos. Not all of them - just the ones that fit into some kind of theme or category.



Great new set of photos!
Glad to see this project still alive and well :D

Pleader said...

Looks like the task remains to be done? Nice try. Enjoy Canbera!