Friday, December 22, 2006

Update On "The Move"

The latest lot of photos were taken on the 10th of December. Yeah, I've been slack. As soon as school finished for the year, I had to get started on the whole business of moving to Canberra. Luckily, removalists have been organised for us - they do all the packing, take our stuff to Canberra, keep it in storage and move it in to our new place. The only thing we had to do was get rid of all of the junk that we didn't want to take with us. I've had to sneak around the neighbourhood on bin night to get rid of all of our rubbish. Those wheelie bins are just too small.

I haven't mentioned the move date yet, have I? January 3rd. That doesn't leave much time for the Project. The last week has been taken up cleaning and preparing our flat for the end of lease inspection. We had that today and everything was fine, so I'll have a lot more time for photos, especially once Christmas is over and done with.

I should also mention that the flight to Canberra will be my first time on a plane. Sad but true...

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Deirdre said...

Hey, well done! You finished! I hope you're feeling suitably proud. You've had some fantastic photos in this series, and with any luck they'll be around for years to come, little time machines into Adelaide and your own perspective on the city. It's a real achievement.

I hope you enjoy the plane, by the way. And best of luck with Canberra.