Monday, December 13, 2004

Arcade Lane II

I've never really been interested in history, so I found it strange that I have taken such a liking to the history behind the buildings of Adelaide. Especially since buildings are such material things. I guess in many ways, it's not so much the buildings that interest but the tiny fragments of story that these pieces of history reveal to us.

BUTLERS - there's a story, right there.


Deirdre said...

I'll shut up any minute now (promise) but this doesn't say "story" to me - maybe because I don't have any associative thoughts about Butlers? (don't know what it is or was) This picture for me is about stillness and long-lasting quiet. And reaching far back into my words for photos... no, nothing else available: lovely.

little said...

i don't know, d - i'd say there's a story there. 2 stories/histories: 'butlers'; and 'butlers-painted-over'

23asdf23 said...

Of course, think of the man who did that second coat of paint. Perhaps he just intended to do the bottom part, and the shopowner insisted the sign be painted over. He complained that the paint would not make the masonry sign disappear, but to no avail. Thus the odd little protusion of paint.

There's stories there, just no way to find them.

Deirdre said...

You brainiacs are right, of course - the stories are in the layers. I was thinking of the original "thing" (presumably a place called Butlers? dunno) being the story, and then the picture just being ... what? a picture? But it's also a documentary of sorts too. A thing in itself, but also a journey. Or am I just being a wanker now? (laughing)