Friday, December 17, 2004

Imperial Place II

Who was J. Frank Parnell?

Why was this dirty, dead-end alleyway chosen as his memorial site?

A story waiting to be told...


Meg said...

Hey Sparrow,

First time I've looked at your site. Pretty cool. I live in Adelaide,
so I've seen some of these places, but some of the photographs
are so interesting, particularly ones with street art and dead ends.

Caught this photo, just thought I'd tell you that this must be some
kind of strange joke, a pretty old one too.

J. Frank Parnell was a character in a really bad 1984 movie starring
Emilio Estevez. Parnell was a lobotomized scientist who dies in the
film. The story is here if you want to take a look:

Cya l8r,

Paul said...

... "a really bad 1984 movie"

many would disagree.

Skanky Jane said...

Another ripper post - with ripper comments to boot!

SJ xx