Tuesday, December 21, 2004

King William Street/East Terrace, Rundle Street and Rundle Mall/Grenfell Street and Currie Street

Another "band" completed. This band of side streets and alleyways is bordered by Rundle Street and Rundle Mall (North), East Terrace (East), Grenfell Street and Currie Street (South) and King William Street (West).

With the photos I've taken so far, I've seen many familiar places for the first time. Different purpose, different eyes. Now I'm moving South, into new territory. For the rest of this quadrant of the city, I'll be photographing only a few places that I've been down once or twice. I'll be walking many of the others for the first time. Seeing them for the first time.

Photographing old friends (with whom I am now much closer) should be just as interesting as photographing new ones.

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Skanky Jane said...

Mark, do the photos 'document' your walks or are the walks a means to an end (=walking in order to photograph)?